The Optical Company That Major Aerospace and Avionics Industries Rely On

Complete your next project with a precision optical company that has a vision for the future. The Vogelin Company in NYA, Minnesota, has the resources and experience you need for production of specialized optical components at any scale you may require.

Take advantage of our skilled technicians at your disposal when you need a manufacturing partner that can get the job done right. We are the source of parts and assemblies for the Aerospace, Computer Periphery, Avionics, Defense, Medical and Space Exploration industries.

A Scalable Manufacturing Process

Get the results you need for your advanced designs by working with an industry leader with a scalable manufacturing approach. We take on projects of all sizes, whether you have a small research and development plan or a design that requires mass-production. Our team can accommodate your delivery demands, no matter how big or small your request is.

Customized Edging and Abrasive Polishing

Work with a team that has the traditional polishing equipment needed for your specific optical array. With spindles and double-sided polishers, we have everything you need to complete your project. Our facility also features customized equipment that helps produce a broad variety of products needed by major firms.

The Forefront of Edging and Drilling

Your specs are held accurately and your parts delivered on time, with the help of our technicians and advanced machining capabilities. Whether dicing, drilling, or edging both internal and external dimensions, as well total indicator runout (tir), optical flatness and total wavefront distortion, your specs can be achieved.
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