An Optics Manufacturer with a Vision

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In The Beginning

It was during World War II when William Vogelin was approached by an international, Minneapolis headquartered business, which was having an issue cutting photo emulsions. These were strobe apertures, timing disks, et cetera, on a glass substrate. Glass must be machined with water and water stained the emulsions. Mr. Vogelin was able to cut these parts and hold tight tolerances. And though his innovation used water as a coolant to cut the plates, his process kept the emulsions dry!

A Growing Company

Since that time Vogelin’s company has become an established manufacturer of precision glass edging, optical elements, and precision screen printing. The company also began providing polishing and machining services to cutting-edge companies that save lives and explore outer space.

Quality Assurance

Vogelin Optical meets ISO 9100 and AS 9100 standards.

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